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AML-CTF Program

Seeking a robust AML-CTF program? Look no further! Our expertise lies in AML compliance and Austrac registration, ensuring a comprehensive solution tailored to your needs.

Accounting Software

Discover streamlined and secure Accounting software & Business Solutions. Sooya Accounting Software simplifies and centralises your business accounting, covering everything from expenses to invoices, payroll, Single Touch Payroll (STP), and PAYG payment summaries. Our easy-to-use and flexible accounting software is designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses of all sizes.

Accounting Software

ATO SBR Lodgement

Streamline your tax reporting with direct lodgement for BAS, Single Touch Payroll, Taxable Payment Annual Report, and PAYG Payment Summary. Effortless compliance for your business.

Cloud Application

Take control of your business accounting from any location—covering payroll, invoicing, Single Touch Payroll lodgements, and establishing a direct link to your accountant.

Desktop Applications

Download and install your preferred desktop applications, including a comprehensive accounting software package or dedicated employees payroll software.

Accountant's & Tax Agent

Tailored Accounting Software crafted for accountants and tax agents to efficiently handle clients' accounting needs, with direct lodgement capabilities to the ATO.

Accounting Software

Remittance Software

Rostering & Timesheets

Wholesale & Inventory

Accounting Software for tax agents, accountants, and business owners.

Experience user-friendly Accounting software with quick access to all transactions and comprehensive features in one interface. Our software covers everything from payroll to invoicing, timesheets, and bills.

  • Direct lodgement with the ATO.
  • Employees, Payroll, Payment Summary, and Single Touch Payroll.
  • Manage invoices, purcahses, emails and a lot more.

Our Accounting software provides SBR lodgement directly within the application, eliminating third-party involvement and extra fees. Lodge Single Touch Payroll (STP), Activity Statement (AS), PAYG Payment Summaries, Taxable Payment Annual Report (TPAR), and Tax File Number Declaration (TFND), all through a single, efficient accounting software interface.

accounting software

Remittance, Money Transfer, and Currency Exchange Software

Record all business money exchange and money transfer transactions with our flexible and user-friendly remittance software. Designed for optimal performance and reliability, our software combines ease of use with powerful functionality.

  • Scan or upload customers' identifications documents.
  • KYC compliance.
  • Mobile App for staff and customers.
  • Live exchange rate.
  • Built-in transaction monitoring & sanctions screening.

Our Remittance Software enables direct lodgement to the Austrac government agency for Australian customers. With just a few simple steps, our software empowers you to effortlessly submit IFTI-DRA, TTR-MSB, and SMR reports to Austrac, ensuring compliance and efficiency.

remittance software

Rostering, Security Guards, & Timesheets Software

Elevate your security management with our Roster & Security Guards Software, consolidating guards' rostering, timesheets, and invoicing in a single, convenient platform. Benefit from flexible roster settings and efficient management, featuring single roster shifts with multiple guards assignments.

  • Manage all employees, guards information and documents.
  • Advanced payroll system based on employees timesheets.
  • Superior invoicing system based on employees timesheets.
  • Emails and mobile app access.

Experience peace of mind with our roster software, allowing you to work effectively and dedicate more time to running your business. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing roster requirements through multiple interfaces, and streamline your operations with simplicity and efficiency.

roster & timesheet software

Wholeslae & Inventory Management Software

Experience an advanced stock management system that empowers you to efficiently handle your inventory products. Benefit from features like setting up price categories per product and customer, along with free quantity options. Our inventory and stock manager is designed to provide you with peace of mind.

Manage customer invoices, cancelled invoices, and record customer signatures for ordering and delivery. The built-in shopping cart ensures easy access to all active inventory and stocktake products. Explore a wide range of reports displaying your stock and inventory levels, customer sales, and outstanding invoices

  • Mobile App access for staff and customers.
  • Low stock level monitoring.
  • Built-in shopping cart and POS system.
Wholesale & inventory software

Remittance, Money Transfer, Currency Exchange Software

Centralise and streamline all your money transfer, remittance, and money exchange transactions in a single platform. Fulfill reporting obligations effortlessly with direct lodgement to Austrac, simplifying your financial management.

Remittance, Money Transfer

Flexible and efficient recording both outgoing and incoming money transfer transactions, manage customer information, and easily upload identification documents for streamlined financial record-keeping.

Currency Exchange

Swift and reliable recording of currency exchange transactions, supporting multiple currencies per transaction, featuring live exchange rates, and facilitating finance and cash register reconciliation for seamless financial management.

Austrac Lodgement

Remittance software offering direct lodgement for streamlined processing of money transfer and money exchange transactions directly to Austrac, ensuring compliance and efficiency.

Live Exchange Rate

Stay informed with live market rate updates every 2 minutes. Customise your foreign currency by setting your preferred percentage for buying or selling, ensuring flexibility and control.

Transactions Monitoring

Remittance & Currency Exchange business is subject to regulatory scrutiny to prevent financial crimes. Sooya Transaction Monitoring provides a complete solution that lets you streamline due diligence processes. Detect suspicious activity, manage investigations, and leverage external data sources.

Sanctions Screening

Automated screening of customers and beneficiaries against domestic and international Sanctions Screening lists. Our system matches individuals, legal entities, or countries to ensure compliance with regulations set by relevant government and private entities.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • All our accounting software desktop and cloud have a built in single touch payroll STP lodgement framework, single touch payroll available for tax agents and accountants, business owners and bookkeepers.

    Single touch payroll STP software is designed to remove the hassle and headache of understanding the complex single touch payroll STP process, generate your pay run and let our single touch payroll software do the rest.

  • All our Accounting software comes built-in SBR lodgement framework, no to spend extra money to lodge your reporting obligations with the Australian Taxation office, lodge business activity statements, single touch payroll, and taxable payment annual reports.

  • Our remittance software desktop and cloud comes with built-in Austrac lodgement framework, all you need is to contact Austrac to get the direct lodgement channel activated and you are set to go.

  • Yes, we have two desktop applications tailored for accounting firm and tax agents, AtoConnect 4.1 and the Accountant's Manager Professional. If you are only after SBR lodgement and client's payroll, then AtoConnect 4.1 will be the right accounting software, if you are after a complete accounting package, then go for the Accountant's Manager Professional.

  • Rostering and Timesheets software are designed for business that require to manage their employees timesheets such as security guards companies, generate payroll and invoicing based on the recorded timesheets.

  • Yes, Wholesale Plus is a complete wholesale management system to controll products, sales and purchase, it also comes with mobile apps for staff and customers, instant access to all products and specials.

Websites, Software, Cloud Applications development

Thinking about the development of new software, a website, or a web application? Our team of expert software engineers is ready to create a customised solution tailored to your needs.